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From: Belgium
Posts: 5
For those who don't speak Dutch (and for the education of those who do): "pollepel" is the Dutch for ladle, "soeplepel" means soup spoon. There is some debate between the Dutch and the Flemish on the exact name for every type of spoon, which is quite interesting but not very relevant. The most important thing is to use an old ladle or spoon, because tapping the pins of your razor will leave lots of little dents in it. The lady of the house might not appreciate that.
Happy holidays, gents!
Barba non facit philosophum
2011-07-30 11:54
From: Belgium
Posts: 7
Speaking of restoring an old razor.

How does bicarbonate soda work as a polishing compound? Does anyone have any idea of its grit size?
I'm currently rubbing toothpaste into a Kropp razor at the moment, lacking the fancy car polish stuff.
2011-10-10 14:25
From: United States
Posts: 240
Hello Yves,
Bicarb is really not a polishing compound, but a non-gritty toothpaste is. I have used Bicarb in water as a honing fuid on a rock that wanted my blades to discolor quickly. You might also look into some of the ladies fingernail polishers. See the Cheap tools thread here.Cheap tool tricks
You are going at it in the right way. By hand and slowly gives good results and a lot of knowledge.
"Life is a journey between birth and death, preferably undertaken with panache!""
2011-10-10 14:55