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From: Croatia/Hrvatska
Posts: 229
So, anybody ever hear about "Telino" brand straight razor from Solingen, vintage. Try to find on google but can not find anything valuable about.

2011-09-14 13:20
Wim Decraene (decraew)
Insider +1
From: Belgium
Posts: 447
Nothing. Then again, I think we forgot more brand names than we actually remember.
2011-09-14 17:24
Bart Torfs (Bart)
From: Belgium
Posts: 5001
Me neither.

Then the light shone, trumpets sounded and I got to the other side, where men shave with smiles on their faces, razors pop hairs, and a continuous choir singing «~~Keen and Smooth~~» is heard everywhere. (Matt)
2011-09-15 00:18
Torben Pedersen (torbenbp)
From: Denmark
Posts: 1024
I think we forgot more brand names than we actually remember

Sadly,thats true. There were a whelm of small manufacturers in the past,quite often with just the educated forger and an apprentice. Those small companies often did`nt survive for long and their modest contribution towards razor making are unlikely to have survived a century of misuse. That does`nt nececarily mean they were lousy razors,but time just did`nt treat them well. I found an "Orendi" razor some time ago,a very fine specimen in original box,unused. But thorough searching revaled noting about the brand. But a very fine shaver it is.

Torben Pedersen
Moellevaenget 15 2th
7900 Nykoebing Mors
"If it works dont break it..?"
2011-09-15 12:25
From: Croatia/Hrvatska
Posts: 229
Thx for the info. I was hoping that maybe someone own one and can say more about it but aparently no info.
2011-09-16 07:33