Recommended websites

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Ardennes Coticule - the last operational Coticule mine.

Brent Beach' pages on sharpening - an excellent resource that offers a ton of good sharpening theory, oriented to tool sharpening, yet his articles easily translate to straight razors as well. Highly recommended.

Eastern Smooth - a eloquent blog site by Jim Rion. Follow our man on a discovering journey through an astonishing world of razors, hones and strops.

Badger & Blade - a large US-based wet shaving forum, with an elaborate straight razor department.

RazorEmporium - Matt Pisarcik is a personal friend. He hosts a cozy online shop, where he offers vintage shaving gear.

ShaveTheMonkeys - Charlie Lewis hosts a small website dedicated to building and restoring razors. He has a lot of good information about techniques that require no expensive and specialised gear.

Scrupleworks - Tororlf Myklebust is by many  of our members considered to be's "resident strop expert". He runs a small "one man" strop making and refurbishing operation that does not compromise about quality. Highly recommended.

Straight Razor Magazine - Straight Razor Magazine offers authoritative insight and opinion on straight shaving related products, services, manufacturers and vendors.